cPanel, our website control panel interface, is designed for website owners.

cpanel demo It simplifies tasks such as:
  • Uploading and managing web pages;
  • Creating email accounts;
  • Installing web-based applications like blogs, shopping carts, and forums;
  • Backing up data;
  • Protecting a site's content and bandwidth from abuse;
  • Generating and viewing statistics about visitors; and
  • Reviewing error logs to locate broken links and other problems.

Here is a list of the cpanel features available for each web hosting type...

Things that could be complicated are made easy with cPanel. The features inside the cPanel Control Panel automate processes that many users must do manually with some hosting services. So no waiting on your host you have a lot more control, This interface offers you a way to quickly view account-related information and provides easy access to the wide variety of tools and utilities that come with your account.


This option allows you to handle all mail related operations like create email account, manage it, set forwarders and auto responders for it, create mailing list and all.

Mail Files:

This option allows you to handle all File relation operations like creating file, older, editing it, uploading downloading data, creating FTP accounts, generating backups and all.

files Logs:

This options allows you to manage your site logs in different formats.

logs Security: security Domains:

This option allows you to add and manage Addon, parked and subdomain names in your account along with the Redirects and domain name zone editors.

domains Databases:

This options allows you to manage your databases, create databases and manage the Remote database access.

Databases Software/Services :

This option provides you all the extra software and services feature like fantastico deluxe, Rvsite builder, CGI center and all.

Software/Services Advanced:

This options provides all advanced settings for your account like cron jobs, Image manager, apache handlers and all.

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