If your site is currently hosted by another web host, it's still easy to transfer your account to Your Domain Host! We'll provide you with a unique, static IP number that you can use to upload your web files, set up your e-mail accounts, etc. When you have everything set up the way you want it, you'll just need to modify your domain name record to point to our nameservers, allow 24 - 72 hours for the nameserver update to take effect, and the transfer will be transparent to all your visitors. Once the transfer is complete, just cancel your account with the other web host, and you'll be finished.
There are no setup or transfer fees associated with our standard web hosting accounts. All we need is your first month's payment to get you up and running. It's fast, free, and easy!

Transfering your current website's content and email settings from your old host to us.

  • Domain Transferal.
  • Website Content

For customers who are moving to us from a host that uses cpanel

We will transfer all the website's content, settings, emails and databases free of charge.

For customers who are moving to us from a host that does not use cpanel

We will help you to move up to 20 website's content to us for free.
Thereafter, a fee of $2 will apply per website content and $2 per database that needs to be transferred.

Information We Need For Transfer:

Lets make it a speedy process

FTP information, Username and Passwords for backups

CPanel Username and Passwords of old web host - so that our web host technicians can make backups of your MySQL databases and recreate them on

Any other details you may think of; that needs to be addressed before the transfer takes place by our qualified staff.

Our special transfer team will move your content and databases from your old web host provider and notify you once it has been completed.

Please note:

that you will need to setup email addresses again on your cpanel with us as we can not get passwords for these email addresses from the old server with your previous host.

Domain Transferals

Please refer to our domain registration page to get a list of transferal fees, many domains are free to transfer, .com and .net include a free one year extension on the domain registration (from date of transfer) when they are transferred to us.