PosibleHost, a provider of Linux based, cPanel Shared and Reseller Hosting services announced earlier today that the company has shifted all of its shared and reseller servers to the mod_pagespeed module developed by Google. The module promises faster performance by optimizing the web pages and the resources on them. Additionally the company has started to offer a Money Back Guarantee that no longer restricts the time a client can receive a refund.

The Page Speed Mod was a project developed under google to help websites improve their latency. mod_pagespeed automatics the application rules in Apache, HTML, CSS, Javascript and images which change dynamically depending on the content that is served. The software essentially categorizes the content that is being served to the end-user and minimizes the steps it takes the web server to deliver that content to the user.

PosibleHost tested mod_pagespeed on test servers to ensure it wouldn't conflict with any existing software or configurations on the server. The company is now using mod_pagespeed with custom filters that minimize the page speed on files utilizing HTML, CSS, Javascript and Images.

"After extensive testing we have finally deployed mod_pagespeed to our fleet of servers running Apache. Our client's have already started to see a modest speed increase in the loading time of their websites. We are glad to be ahead of the curve and remain a progressive company with our hosting services.” said PosibleHost President & CEO, Bryon Harvey.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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