HOW TO: Perform a Ping and Traceroute

Ping and Traceroute are utilities that can be used to help troubleshoot network or Internet connections. The PosibleHost technical support team may request you to initiate a ping or traceroute to a destination (such as your FTP address or email server) to ensure that your PC is able to contact these network locations and locate the point of failure if it cannot.

Before you run Ping and Traceroute tests, it’s helpful to know what each test does.

  •     Ping Test - Running a ping test can help you determine if a website is slow because of a connection issue.
  •     Traceroute Test - A traceroute test can help you to determine where in the connection there is a slow down.

In the examples below, we will be running a  ping and traceroute test on Please replace with your actual domain name or the website that you want to test. After running the tests, please read the last section of this article with information on how to interpret the results of your tests.
Windows Ping & Traceroute Testing (PC)

If you are on a Windows computer:

    Click your START menu and choose run
    Type cmd and click OK
    Type: ping and hit enter
    When it is done, type tracert and hit enter.

How to Analyze the Results of Your Ping & Traceroute Tests

A number of factors will contribute to the speed between your computer and a web server. They include:

    Your computer’s health
    Your ISP (internet service provider) connection
    The number of network hops between your ISP and our servers
    The amount of traffic any servers are currently having

If you see any test results return anything over 200 ms, then you might want to look into where the delays are on your network.
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