Has our Brute Force Detection System blocked your IP?

We use many layers of security to protect our servers, network and your sites and data.
All public web servers are constantly under attack from hackers and our systems are designed to make this as difficult as possible. Sometimes it is possible for a regular person to have their IP blocked by our Brute Force Detection Systems. In these cases, the block will only be for a short period but we can go in to a little detail (not too much) as to how to prevent these blocks.
You can trigger an IP block by getting your password wrong 10 times within a short period of time.
First, let us determine if your IP is actually blocked.
1) Can you visit your website? eg. http://www.yourwebsite.com?
2) If you can, your IP is not blocked.
3) If you cannot, then can you visit your website using a free proxy server? Go to http://www.zend2.com, enter your website address and hit "Surf"
4) If your can see your website then your IP is most likely blocked, and will automatically unblock within 15 minutes.
5) If you cannot see your website, then there is another problem that is unrelated to IP blocking.
To resolve the issue
1) Get the helpdesk to reset the password for the service you are having problems with (most commonly FTP password).
2) Or wait for a few minutes for the block to be removed and try again with the correct password.
If your IP is being blocked and you do not know why, simply log/update the helpdesk ticket with your IP address as follows:
2) Copy/paste the IP address reported to the helpdesk ticket
3) We will search the logs to find which password is causing the issue.
If you require any further information do not hesitate to contact us.
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