cPanel has recently removed support for all versions of PHP 4. As a result of this change any updates to the web stack using their Easy Apache software build tool will result in PHP 4 being removed from the server. cPanel has released an unsupported module to provide users with the ability to retain PHP 4 on their web server, but this is an ... Read More »

19th Sep 2012
Server upgrade

On September, 20, 2012 from 12:00 - 1:00 AM MST we will be performing a hardware upgrade and test on our loadbalancing infrastructure and servers.  You will notice a change in processors and memory as we are load testing Intel servers VS Our current AMD.  Please be assured all tests and upgrades we do are for the benefit of you ... Read More »

19th Sep 2012
Xen Based Service Outages

This should now be back online, if you are still unable to access it please contact us by opening a new ticket and use the following subject format:VM Down: {Insert Main IP Address}Body Should Contain the Time / Date that the system went down in order for us to further troubleshoot the issue.I understand we have faced some issues recently ... Read More »

15th Sep 2012
**RESOLVED** Outage: Chicago OpenVZ Node DC02R01DS27

Node DC02R01DS27 is currently experincing and issue. We are investigating the issue and will post an update shortly.


Date: Monday, September 15, 2012
Time: 6:43 AM EDT (GMT-4)


*** UPDATE *** Node is back online.

15th Sep 2012
Los Angeles: Hypervisor maintenance

*** Update: 9/14/2012 - 2:13 PM EST - Maintence Completed, Guests are booting this may take 10 - 20 Minutes to complete fully, if your system is not fully operational by 3:00 PM EST Please contact our support department Immediatly and we will get it online. ***This will resolve all performance and stability issues with this system*** End ... Read More »

15th Sep 2012

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