Why Free Web Hosting is Not Suitable for Ecommerce Sites?

Online Business startups often starved for capital are in a haste to setup their website and start generating revenue from it right away. Often in the hurry to get their venture online they look for cheap website hosting solution that would allow them to run their eCommerce store in a small budget. While many who choose for cheap solution some even make the mistake of going with free hosting.

Out of all the e-businesses setup every year many are quite new to this type of business and have very less information about doing business online. There are ample of web hosting provider with all sorts of plans that you can imagine. The service providers offer services costing a fortune for almost free of charge. However, with paid or free service there are numerous things to be accounted such as the storage space, data transfer and memory allocated to your site. There are many issues related to such plans and due consideration must be given before choosing any package.

Free at what cost?

Having your website hosted free of cost might sound very tempting when you are just starting out but it may not always be what you need. Though the hosting would be free for you but you need to check the terms of use to get a better understanding of the offer. Usually these free hosting plans are provided to you in exchange by placing ads on your websites. Another issue with free hosting is that the resources are usually shared between multiple users. So your website might not perform as you expect it to be due to other websites sharing the server.

Furthermore, what appears to be free may not always be free and you may be forced to pay whatever charges apply to you for the service. For running any business security is essential and same is the case with online businesses as well. You need to protect your website from hackers and cyber criminals. If your website is hacked then you lose customers leading to financial losses. That is why it makes sense to spend a small amount in getting a good hosting solution then to risk your business.

The most essential part of a web hosting service is the support provided to the clients. When faced with an issue the quicker you get support the faster your problem will be resolved and your site would function properly. And when you are on free hosting you cannot expect good support from the provider. For this purpose it is essential to rather have a Cheap Web Hosting solution with reliable support than being left without any help.

Even though free hosting is good for people starting out but it is not good for business sites and it is also not good from a customer point of view. A professional website hosted with a reliable provider with SSL protection would win customers trust and result in higher sales and a better bottom line.
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