How do I reduce the amount of spam I get?

There are few simple steps you can follow to minimize the amount of spam you receive to your inbox.

Avoid using common email account names.

There are certain kinds of email addresses that are common to most sites (e.g., info@, webmaster@, sales@, etc). If you need to have email addresses with those kinds of names, consider making them a little unusual (e.g., contactme@, siteissues@, salesteam@, etc.). Some spam is generated by guesswork, playing the odds that you will have a common email address. If you do not, the spam will not reach you.

Change your SpamAssassin™ settings.

Your hosting package comes with a spam filter called SpamAssassin™, enabled by default. You can find it as part of your Email icon group. You can use SpamAssassin™ to reduce the amount of spam-like email you get as well as block any addresses that are consistently giving you trouble. To make SpamAssassin™ stricter in terms of what is allowed through, in the Filters section change the Score rating to a lower number. The lower the number, the less likely spam will get through.

Keep in mind that SpamAssassin™ may also start misidentifying some regular emails as spam if you lower the Score rating too far. You may also want to disable the Auto-Delete Spamfeature (in the right-hand section of Filters) to keep legitimate email from being automatically deleted.

You can also blacklist—that is, permanently block--an email address or domain name in SpamAssassin™. Click on Configure SpamAssassin at the bottom of the SpamAssassin™ page and follow the instructions at the top of the new page that displays. Spam blocked in this way will not be delivered to any of your accounts at all.

Change the default address routing.

By default, all unrouted email (that is, email sent to an address that uses your domain name but does not actually exist) will be directed to your main mailbox. To stop this:

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Click on the Default Address icon in the Mail icon group.
  3. In the Send all unrouted email for: dropdown list, select a domain name.
  4. Beneath the dropdown list, select the Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time)option.
  5. Click the Change button at the bottom of the form. A message displays to show that the default address routing has been successfully updated.

You should repeat this for all the domain names you have linked to your PosibleHost account.

Enable email authentication on your hosting account.

There are two authentication methods you can use for your email: DomainKeys and SPF. Controls for both can be found by clicking the Email Authentication icon in the Emails icon group in your cPanel.

DomainKeys helps to ensure that messages are actually coming from the listed sender. This helps prevent things like “spoofing” where email appears to have come from your account when in fact it has not.

In the “DomainKeys” section near the top of the page, check the Current Status. If it says Disabled, click the Enable button. This will turn on DomainKeys and it start functioning immediately.

SPF specifies which machines are authorized to send email from your domain(s). This means that only mail sent through the server hosting your account will appear as valid mail from your domain(s) when the SPF records are checked.

In the SPF section, halfway down the page, check the Current Status. If it says Disabled, click the Enable button. This will turn on SPF and show you a “raw SPF record” that will be used to help verify your email to other recipients. You do not need to adjust any of the Advanced Settings on the lower half of the page. Unlike DomainKeys, SPF records take two to four hours to go into effect. Until this happens, you will see a message on your account which reads, “SPF cannot be used because this server is not a DNS server for your domain.” This message will disappear when the SPF records are fully active.

As a note, SPF works only if your domain name is registered through PosibleHost.

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